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QuantVineis a multi-asset class quantitative trading firm that provides liquidity directly to our clients in global markets. We have built one of the world’s most advanced computing environments for R&D, modeling, and risk management, placing us at the forefront of technological innovation in financial markets around the world. We are a deliberate market leader committed to health and longevity in the global market.

Customer Products:

As a liquidity provider, QuantVine develops automated trading algorithms designed to provide our clients with the best prices. Our diverse trading strategies allow us to provide a large amount of liquidity on different timeframes. QuantVine improves the quality of execution for our clients by customizing our liquidity to deliver meaningful price improvements and maximize fill rates. We have earned the trust of our partners through the accountability and transparency that comes with open trading relationships.

Single reseller platform

QuantVine operates a single-dealer platform that provides QuantVine’s unique principal liquidity in exchange-traded funds. QuantVine provides our clients with customized liquidity, reduced market impact, and lower transaction fees.


QuantVine has a significant presence in the quantitative trading market. Our mission is to leverage our state-of-the-art market-making technology to connect our deep liquidity with the global community of retail broker-dealers. We stand out by focusing on customer service and execution quality.

System internalizers

QuantVine provides customized liquidity for thousands of securities in multiple major jurisdictions. Our unique platform can tailor liquidity to each client’s needs.

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