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cooperation with well-known companies

We have reached cooperation with many powerful companies, and we have to process many orders from them every year, and this source has increased our confidence in this industry, such as:

Investment Banking

Providing capital market services to companies, including equity and bond issuances, mergers and acquisitions, and restructuring advisory.

Securities companies

provide investors with trading services for stocks, bonds, funds and other securities products.

Asset management company

manages the portfolio of individual or institutional clients, including pension funds, hedge funds, etc.

Private equity firms

focus on private market investments, including corporate acquisitions, recapitalizations, etc.


A trading platform and service that provides financial products such as stocks, futures, and options.

Cooperation with Higher Education Institutions

Top business schools

To acquire the latest financial theories and business strategies.

Engineering and technical colleges

attract talented engineers and technical talents.

Mathematics and Physics Department

Recruit talents with advanced knowledge of mathematics and statistics from these institutions.

Department of Computer Science

Get access to the latest computer science and data analytics techniques.

Financial Engineering and Quantitative Finance

Directly develop professional skills related to quantitative trading.

cooperation between scientific research units

Technology research and development

Financial institutions cooperate with scientific research institutes to carry out R&D work in the fields of financial technology, big data analysis, artificial intelligence, etcMake.

Talent Training

Through cooperation with colleges and universities, we cultivate professionals in the fields of finance, computer science, and data science.

Academic research

Collaborate with universities and research institutes to conduct academic research on financial markets, risk management, economic models, etc.

Technology Transformation

Transform the latest research results of scientific research institutions into financial products and services, and improve the efficiency and quality of financial services.

Sharing resources

Financial institutions and scientific research institutions share data resources and research platforms to jointly promote the development of financial technology.